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Certify Your Bookkeeping Skills

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While my free bookkeeping and accounting skills tests are for self evaluation and do not provide certificates, I have rounded up some excellent sites that do.

So you know, by you purchasing these products you are supporting my site because I make a small commission on all sales. Notice I said small! While I do recommend these products, you do the research and see if any of my recommendations might be helpful to you.
While having bookkeeping and accounting skills is absolutely necessary for acquiring a bookkeeping or accounting job, additional computer skills are also becoming a necessity.

For those neededing certification of their accounting, bookkeeping, and computer skills, the following sites may be helpful.

National Computer Science Academy (NCSA)
is an online computer training company dedicated to providing quality computer certification and training products to everyone from beginning computer users to dedicated IT professionals.

An NCSA certification proves you have the skills required to succeed in today's increasingly tight job market and earns you instant respect for your computer skills from quality employers nationwide.

Free exams as well as pay for exams are offered. Free online certification tests are for individuals only. For businesses they offer a separate employee testing program.

is a global leader in online skills certification and employment testing which has helped millions of people achieve their goals by giving them the platform to showcase their knowledge and skills to prospective employers. They are one of tne most respected and trusted names in the field of online certification. Employer's worldwide honor their online certifications and pre-employment assessment tools when it comes to testing and choosing employees for their organizations. Over 2000 certification courses and around 2000 Skill test in various fileds are offered (some free). Helpful Hint: When visiting their site do a search for accounting courses.

ExpertRating offers in-depth online courses, tutorials and eBooks to individuals and employers at affordable prices. Get certified and Give your job prospects a Boost: ExpertRating certifications have been taken by over 2 million individuals in more than 60 countries. ExpertRating certifications are an excellent way of demonstrating your knowledge and skills to prospective employers and greatly boost your chances of moving ahead in your career.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Tests and Courses offered that may interest you.

Bookkeeping Test                                         Financial Analysis Test                                Accounting Fundamentals Certification

Accounts Receivable Test                             Financial Reporting Test                             Accounts Payable Test

General Financial Accounting Test               Inventory Management Test                       Payroll Management Test

Accounting Skills Test                                    Accounting Skills Test                                 Accounting Skills Test
 Assets and Revenue                                           Cash Flow                                              Reporting Earnings
Accounting Principles Test                             Accounting and Finance Aptitude Test          

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Universal Accounting
Learn everything you need to know to start and grow your own successful accounting and bookkeeping service specifically for small business.  This amazing course teaches you the double entry accounting system that has been the backbone of business for the last 500 years!  Learn how to take a business client from the "shoebox" to financial statements.  You will actually do books for 11 different small businesses from different industries as you go through the course and learn the unique aspects of accounting for each - things people usually only learn by actually working for those particular businesses.

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